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  1. Lexie Aztec Vegan Backpack


  • "I love shopping at Audrey *k! The collections are always changing and they put together the cutest outfits!"

    Hope F.

  • "Audrey and Andrea make it hard not to come back for more! They are truly the masters in cuteness. I can't get enough!"

    Lucy B.

  • "I shop here for my girlfriend for any holiday or birthday and she has always loved everything I've gotten for her. It's a cute shop for sure."

    Brian Y.

  • 10| 10 this is one of the cutest and most friendly cool girl shops in Burbank!

    Danielle M.

  • It started as a love affair with their window displays on Ladies Night Out.

    Carrie G.

  • Had the best time with my bestie and came here. Such a fabulous little shop great gifts.

    Juan C.

  • This is hands down MY FAVORITE BOUTIQUE IN L.A.!! Audrey is such a beam of light that it feels like you're shopping with a friend when you're in the store.

    Torry J.