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  1. Cats Saved My Life Halloween T-Shirt
  2. Mom Come Pick Me Up Halloween Skeleton T-Shirt
  3. Double Sides Pendant
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  • "I needed a cocktail dress last minute and literally had 20 minutes to shop. Audrey & Andrea quickly pulled a few dresses for me and even pulled dresses from that back that aren't even for sale yet. They made every effort to find the perfect dress for me and saved the day."


  • "So much yes! I love this store. Audrey and Andrea are wonderful! Super helpful and creative. So many cute dresses."


  • "Had such an amazing experience there! Got an incredible limited edition satin pink Kit Cat Klock and got to meet the owner who was so lovely and personable. I can’t wait to go back ":)

    De Laney

  • "Amazing shopping experience. Absolutely love their hand selection of women's dresses. I had been all over town looking for unique one of a kind dresses and came to Audrey's with luck. "


  • "I absolutely love this store. It is one of my favorite places in Burbank. I visit every time I am in town. Even when I am not in town, I can send them a message about an item I saw online or on social media and they will help me buy it even though I live across the country." ♥️♥️♥️